Lynn Bartels thinks politics is like sports but without the big salaries.  The Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog named her one of Colorado’s best political reporters and tweeters.  Bartels, a South Dakota native, graduated from Cottey College in 1977 and Northern Arizona University in 1980.  She moved to New Mexico for her first journalist job and The Rocky Mountain News hired her in 1993 and in 2000 assigned her to her first legislative session.  She was hired by The Denver Post in 2009 after the Rocky closed.  She retired from the Post in 2015 and went to work as the spokeswoman for the CO Secretary of State’s office.  After leaving the Secretary of State’s office, she is now a political blogger and commentator. As a seasoned observer of the political scene, her witty and humorous opinions and insights are always informative and interesting to read.